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Slutty Kate (on February 20, 2020)

Rate my nudes blog guys :)

gf (on November 13, 2018)

I need to spread your cunt lips wide and lick you out while I squeeze and fondle your lovely tits x

jim3 (on February 07, 2015)

all the way

Brut (on August 14, 2014)

letīs eat a banana after licking her

john (on May 29, 2014)

That's one fruity shot. Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

marwan helthi (on February 13, 2011)

i am redy but the banana it is your husband

;kk (on February 01, 2011)

luv bannas

twiddleplop (on November 05, 2010)

wish I was that banana

crazyburp79 (on August 11, 2010)

I love it! I'll have to use the other hole now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve (on July 12, 2010)

No boundries. I like it. thanks for sharing.

spookyman69 (on June 19, 2010)

I love bananas, not like you do, but i guess i at least like them :)

juve (on April 07, 2010)

u should put the banana in your ass hole baby it looks like u had plenty of stuff up your ass before anyway baby

everlasting gobstopper (on March 01, 2010)

what a lucky bananna

michael (on October 22, 2009)

can i eat the banana????????????????????

Horatio (on August 27, 2009)

She's not ugly, it's just the years of meth and trailer park in her eyes.

son (on June 07, 2009)

yes monkey girl yes get yer naner on

fuck u pieces of shit (on May 16, 2009)

fuck all of u, she is fuckign ugly as hell. nasty horny bastards! go to hell!

Peter (on April 03, 2009)

May I eat that Banna from your sweet pussy!!!

Rick (on January 19, 2009)

Peal the banana and I will eat it

clint (on January 13, 2009)

Can I have that nanner?

charles (on December 17, 2008)

that's so hot... i love the banana

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