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mastb (on August 12, 2021)

Nice tip action and eye contact. I'd be coming right now. May do so (on January 06, 2020)

she looks yummy

gf (on December 03, 2017)

I'd spurt on your face

Uncle (on August 10, 2014)

She has pointy boobs

VandaSuk (on March 18, 2011)

Hack again?!

Hiepmymnpieds (on March 14, 2011)

I have a question - can I post this topic?

bigDanny (on March 03, 2011)

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viagra from canada (on February 15, 2011)

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reulttemMot (on February 08, 2011)

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johnlemom (on January 28, 2011)

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bokwoonee (on January 27, 2011)

That doesn't mean they're not powerful, though.

Keteoropall (on January 26, 2011)

Want oral sex tips and oral sex techniques that will enhance your oral sex life? Find out some great oral sex tips at Discovery Health and improve your oral

Keteoropall (on January 25, 2011)

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Pyncanany (on January 24, 2011)


GoodIntUot (on January 24, 2011)

Hack again?!

Heifiegorturo (on January 20, 2011)

What are the risks associated with oral sex, to the partner performing oral sex and the partner receiving oral sex?

Heifiegorturo (on January 17, 2011)

This book and film are about the recent emergence of teenage prostitution rings in affluent Canadian suburbs.Doctors have connected the human papillomavirus (HPV) and oral sex to an increased risk of an oral cancer in both sexes.

enefringuit (on January 11, 2011)

Have you ever performed oral sex? Sneak a peek into steamy issues with our polls. Voice your opinion on everything from turn-ons and fantasies to

eagegobek (on January 10, 2011)

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altediaareque (on January 10, 2011)

I am a man whose favorite thing to do is give oral sex to attractive young women. I love it and enjoy pleasing the women that I know and meet.

skygiesmese (on January 09, 2011)

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Diseliainna (on December 29, 2010)


Diunditruff (on December 27, 2010)

Here are some quick tips to making oral sex, or Cunnilingus, more enjoyable for you and your partner.

Trarojirl (on December 24, 2010)

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mybridlyaromb (on December 23, 2010)

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OVWilliam (on December 22, 2010)

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fleescagene (on December 20, 2010)

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agogueguets (on December 19, 2010)

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Spooroabasome (on December 13, 2010)

They walk and talk, build and destroy, hug and have sex while sitting at isolated If this new communication medium, one that merges literary and oral

HorsLooncoria (on December 13, 2010)

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erydayeffet (on December 08, 2010)

Oral sex is generally a safe option during pregnancy, especially if other types become uncomfortable. This eMedTV article takes a look at oral sex during

preokbror (on December 06, 2010)

Sexually transmitted diseases and oral sex - House Call: expert advice on health and fitness - Brief Article from Ebony provided by Find Articles at BNET.

Bluemiallogma (on December 02, 2010)

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Beivabeda (on November 29, 2010)

Oral sex refers to oral (mouth and tongue) stimulation of the genitals. Fellatio is the Latin term for oral stimulation of the male genitals; cunnilingus is

ApperieDigLiz (on November 24, 2010)

Oral sex consists of all those sexual activities that involve the use of the mouth, tongue, etc., to stimulate the sex organs.

DraimaDag (on November 10, 2010)

Looking similar to the microphone Madonna uses during live concerts, the oral sex light attaches easily behind the ear.

Multteesy (on November 10, 2010)

Genital herpes can be transmitted through oral sex. In fact, any skin contact or fluid exchange can trigger the infection. Read on to know more about howA collection of informational sites about oral sex, including cunnilingus, fellatio, how-to guides, safer sex and health information, and sexual positions

Crararhyday (on November 10, 2010)

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nogbrorbFloms (on November 09, 2010)

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cekclieda (on November 09, 2010)

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Faperlirtieme (on November 03, 2010)

Risks for HIV: There is some risk involved in having unprotected oral sex with a man or a woman. It is not as risky as unprotected anal or vaginal sex,

HewBuchecet (on November 02, 2010)

Risks for HIV: There is some risk involved in having unprotected oral sex with a man or a woman. It is not as risky as unprotected anal or vaginal sex,

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mrtesla (on October 28, 2010)

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ComSawNewMix (on October 28, 2010)

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XRumerTest (on October 27, 2010)

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LulaLiaiple (on October 26, 2010)

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chaicyimmusly (on September 10, 2010)

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Bledabittydal (on September 01, 2010)

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chaicyimmusly (on August 31, 2010)

HANA HANNELORE ers. Is he or she the one for yo JENNA

Haxepay (on August 27, 2010)

What color flowers do you like?

Flowercith (on August 22, 2010)

You love flowers?

reastapactege (on August 21, 2010)


bi guy (on January 23, 2010)

nice hard on!

hairy balls (on November 05, 2009)

lick me too

traveler (on March 10, 2009)

Man!! where are you guys located. Does she charge for sex too? I pay her!!!

sayed (on January 21, 2009)


Tropikalman (on November 26, 2008)

she's hot man...those curly lipos are made to ring around a hard cock...u lucky dude..keep it up!

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